Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Deadlines, Word Vomit and Ducklings!

Guess what? I have a date. My book will be done and up and published in JULY, this month.

Probably later July. I didn't say I had a very tight date.

Besides that, I have been working hard via social media angles, but without a finished cover I don't really have anything to show people that will look impressive. So I'm pretty much just shoving nothing in people's faces: 

Seems like something I should probably be working on. 

On another note, I've started to realize that blog posts are in danger of the same things as stories: word vomit. Whenever I feel pressure to write, my mind goes blank. Then I try to harder to think of something, and what comes out... isn't pretty. 

So I was going to try to avoid doing that by drawing pictures, only to find that the exact same thing happens in picture form, especially if you have crazy friends that just say the darndest things.

I am ashamed, and will give up for now.

See you lurkers again soon, next time with a proper post. <3